Why You Should Join The Paris2Nice Cycle In 2018


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Posted by Martin Casey on September 26, 2017

Why You Should Join The Paris2Nice Cycle In 2018

I've just completed the Paris to Nice cycle. Leaving Paris on Saturday the 16th, arriving into Nice 6 days later. 740km cycled and 7000m climbed. The whole experience was sublime. We had rain, some had hailstones and we ended with glorious sunshine riding along the Côte d’Azur into Nice.

So why should you do Paris2Nice next year?

  1. You can raise much-needed funds for a charity of your choice - I chose the wonderful LauraLynn Children's Hospice. 5 of us chose LauraLynn and so far we have raised over €36,000 (see pic). You can donate here if you would like to support my fundraising. All riders combined have raised over €350 000.
  2. You have a personal goal for next September. To achieve this goal you will need to invest as much time as possible to be prepared for the ride. Don't worry Paris2Nice will help you but you will need to commit to getting yourself in shape. The benefits to your health, weight and confidence are guaranteed plus we trained around Wicklow which was amazing.
  3. You will meet great people of all shapes and sizes (I'm 6'10" I can say that) who have no agendas but to raise as much money as possible for their chosen charity and to achieve their goal of reaching Nice.
  4. You will ride with wonderful people on a daily basis, making new friends, trading stories, telling jokes and supporting each other up the hills and along the winding roads.
  5. You will realise after a couple of days that you have the ability and the determination to finish the ride, no matter what. Your fellow riders, the Paris2Nice and the Cycle Safari team will look after you all the way.
  6. You will say Car Up, Car Down and Hole more than you care to mention but this is because you will be looking out for your new buddies as you traverse the route to Nice.
  7. You will see breathtaking scenery every single day and will have the privilege of cycling across France, riding through beautiful villages, up and down roads all carefully selected to amplify and enhance your experience.
  8. You will get the opportunity to ride up the mammoth Mont Ventoux if you want to. I took this opportunity but unfortunately wasn't allowed to complete the final assent due to bad weather and high wind but it was only the easier bit left (yes it was!).
  9. You will be seriously impressed by the riders, some who have only recently started cycling, others who leave you for dust going up the hills. Their determination and desire to keep going was wonderful to witness. Everyone completed the ride.
  10. You will be so proud of yourself when you finish because all your training has paid off and you have delivered the goods. A crazy notion that you can ride from Paris to Nice is now a reality. In business, there are so many goals being set for you, your team, projects and clients that it's very rare that you set yourself a new personal goal that has nothing to do with work. This one is just for you and your charity.
  11. You can meet your family and friends in Nice and spend the weekend with the most important people in your life. They need this just as much as you as for months they have tolerated your training routine and they need to be rewarded for their investment in you.
What more can I say, this is a wonderful week. It will be challenging and I love cycling. The days will be long, with great laughter during the rides and every evening, lots of food (and wine) and a tender ass that settles into the saddle fairly quickly every day but what do you expect it's six days on the bike, 740km but the rewards are worth it. Thanks to my group, Group 2, the Invaders, cruising across France, united in purpose with stories to share for life. Find out more about Paris2Nice. Help me raise more for LauraLynn.

Special thanks
Thank you to everyone who has supported me! Every cent raised has gone to LauraLynn. Thank you to Kevin and his wonderful team at China Sichuan restaurant who donated a fundraising event at his Sandyford Restuarant. We are all very grateful for your generous support. Go eat at China Sichuan if you can, it will be delicious!  


The 2017 cyclist after we arrived to Nice.

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