Web Analytics Reporting and Auditing

Our goal for all our clients, is that we provide you with the tools and capabilities to become self-sustainable when it comes to all things web analytics.

We aim to do this through collaborating with you on web analytics strategy development, web analytics solutions implementation and web analytics training.

However, this doesn’t happen overnight. In the meantime, we are here to report on your data and provide you with valuable insights which will help you to achieve your business objectives – whether that might be increasing conversions, improving mobile usability, understanding customer behaviour, improving marketing performance, the list goes on…

Our analytics team will take responsibility for this reporting until your team is confident in their ability to do so themselves.

For new clients, the first thing we recommend as web analytics partner, is an audit of your current web analytics environment. This is to ensure that, before going any further, your web analytics package(s) captures data that is reliable, insightful and actionable and relevant to your particular business objectives.

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