Google Tag Manager Training

For many organisations, Google Analytics alone may not be enough to meet their tracking and reporting requirements.

In such cases, Google Tag Manager offers a means of tracking a wide range of user actions and behaviours, and integrating this with your Google Analytics reporting.

Google Tag Manager is a centralised publishing platform, similar to a CMS that allows marketers to create or update analytics and advertising tags (codes) to their website or mobile app without the need to hardcode the codes to the template.

We offer tailored Google Tag Manager courses to clients who want to get more from their analytics setup. A typical Google Tag Manager training programme will cover some or all of these topics:
  • Introduction to Google Tag Manager
    • How it works
    • Tags, triggers & variables
    • Interface and management
    • Understanding the data layer
  • Google Analytics and GTM
    • Google Analytics tags (sessions, events, social tracking)
    • Cross-Domain tracking
    • E-Commerce tracking
  • Other useful tracking options
    • Templated 3rd party tags (AdWords, DoubleClick, Facebook, etc.)
    • Custom HTML tags
  • Setup, implementation, debugging and publishing
    • Creating a GTM account and containers
    • Deploying GTM on your site
    • Creating tags, triggers & variables
    • Debugging and publishing your tags
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