Digitally transforming student recruitment

The Royal College of Surgeons plays a major role in medical education and training globally. Founded in Ireland in 1784 to train surgeons, today the RCSI provides extensive education and training at undergraduate and postgraduate level.   

We are partnering with the RCSI to build the next generation of their digital presence. Our partnership is focused on transforming how the college communicates and interacts with prospective and current students, healthcare professionals, researchers, and alumni — across all digital touchpoints.   

We are delivering a digital transformation programme that is focused on delivering an integrated digital experience to attract, inform and nurture relationships online.  

The new digital presence is being built upon Sitecore, the enterprise digital experience management platform. Sitecore ® Experience PlatformTM (XP) provides the RCSI with a suite of marketing, analytics and technology capabilities for the entire organisation, from faculty through to the communications and marketing teams. It delivers an intelligent and personalised experience to all audiences across all channels, globally. 
Key areas of focus include:  

  • Developing a vision and roadmap for RSCI's digital presence. 
  • Defining a student-first proposition to support the recruitment of students across the globe.  
  • Creating a flexible, scalable information and content architecture to support the RCSI’s evolving communication and service needs.  
  • Designing a digital identity to deliver an accessible and intuitive experience across all digital touchpoints.
  • Deploying Sitecore’s Experience Platform to expose the personalisation and marketing capabilities of the college globally.  
  • Supporting the adoption of Sitecore across the organisation. 
  • Delivery of a dedicated 24/7/365 support to ensure an uninterrupted service. 
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RCSI - Digitally transforming student recruitment