Google Analytics Audits

The idea of Google Analytics seems fairly simple at first – get a tracking code, put it on your site, then watch the insights roll in...

In reality, however, unless your analytics account is configured with your particular organisational goals in mind and managed carefully over time, things can get out of control. We’ve seen Google Analytics accounts through the years where:
  • Only data from a small selection of a websites pages is recorded
  • Data from a number of UAT and staging sites have been included in the live websites analytics reports
  • Up to 25% of recorded traffic data was actually spam as opposed to authentic visits
All of these issues, and there are many more, lead to the same thing – unreliable data. If this data is guiding business decisions then obviously, this is a big problem.

We’ve designed our Google Analytics Audit service as a response to these (surprisingly common) issues and others like them. Our audit is designed to give your business the assurance that your data is clean and reliable, and your Google Analytics account is configured in a way that delivers real insights that are relevant to your business objectives.

Each bespoke audit is slightly different depending on the client, but generally will include some or all of the following checkpoints:
  • Tracking code implementation check (is tracking code implemented across all pages and working correctly?)
  • Analytics account settings check (are settings such as time zone, currency, default page, bot filtering set up correctly?)
  • Additional features & integrations configuration check (e.g. interests & demographics, site search, AdWords, etc.)
  • Views and filters check (are internal IPs, spam, etc. excluded? Are all required views set up?)
  • Goals check (are goals aligned to business objectives and tracking correctly?)
  • Event tracking check (are relevant events configured and tracking user interactions which are not automatically tracked by Google Analytics?)
  • Cross domain tracking check (is cross domain tracking implemented correctly?)
  • Consistent UTM tagging check (is online advertising tagged correctly and consistently?)
The resulting audit document will deliver recommendations to:
  • Ensure that you can be confident that your data is clean and reliable
  • Ensure that your Google Analytics configuration and reporting is aligned to your particular business objectives
  • Ensure that you understand the potential benefits of optional Google Analytics features and integrations for your business
  • Improve the quality of your tracking through non-standard event tracking
  • Ensure that you are accurately tracking online advertising against your business / campaign objectives
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