SETI #17: Mars, Core Web Vitals, Facebook vs Apple


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Posted by Jennifer McCormack on February 25, 2021

SETI #17: Mars, Core Web Vitals, Facebook vs Apple

In our last SETI, we looked at what technology will become over the next decade, how Firefox stopped working with desktop web apps and lessons from Apple’s Big Sur. This month we looked at Google's Core Web Vitals, Facebook vs Google and the Mars Exploration program.

  1. Mars: Exploration Program

The goal of the Mars Exploration Program is to explore Mars - follow all the updates on Mars Perseverance Rover.

  1. Virtual Travel: Drive and listen

Travel to countries across the globe and listen to their local radio stations. Click the country you’d like to see, sit back, watch, and listen to local radio.

  1. Stocks: Gamestop investors are paying it forward

Investors in GameStop stock are paying it forward with one investor donating ten Nintendo Switches to a children’s hospital in Texas and other investors paying off medical debt.

  1. Creativity: Gen-X is more creative than Gen-Y

Harvard research reveals that workers in their 40’s and 50’s are on average smarter than everyone else in three key areas: math, comprehension, and creativity.

  1. Social Media: Snapchat will pay you to post

Top performers on Snapchat are raking in millions as the company tries to compete against apps such as Tiktok.

  1. Facebook: Tim Cook may have just ended the platform

Apple’s CEO seemed to take direct aim at Facebook recently in Brussels without ever mentioning the company by name.

  1. Gaming: The best Apple arcade games

Over a year ago Apple unveiled its gaming subscription service which claimed to curate the best mobile gaming has to offer. See this list assembled by the IGN content team of the best games available on Apple Arcade.

  1. Google: All Core Web Vitals May Need to Be Met For Ranking Boost

Google’s John Mueller has confirmed all three Core Web Vitals benchmarks must be met to qualify for the ranking signal boost rolling out this May.

  1. Design: Creating illustration guidelines for a more inclusive visual identity

Airbnb have created a design language system that contributes to an accessible, inclusive design practice for their user experience - from typefaces and colour to illustration and motion design. Learn about their process.

  1. History: Old concept cars

An archive featured old concept cars from as far back as the 50’s.

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