SETI #16: Firefox, UX & Apple, Digital Transformation


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Posted by Jennifer McCormack on January 28, 2021

SETI #16: Firefox, UX & Apple, Digital Transformation

Our last SETI was a look back at 2020 where we compiled a list of our best content from Google Analytics guides, tips for working from home, award wins and interviews with some of our clients. This month we looked at what technology will become over the next decade, how Firefox stopped working with desktop web apps and lessons from Apple’s Big Sur.

  1. Strategy: The big lessons from history

There are two types of history to learn from, one is from specific events. What did the person do right? What did the country do wrong? One of these events is COVID-19.

  1. Evolution: Notes on technology in the 2020s

What are our expectations for the next 10 years? Tyler discusses the particulars of how technology could evolve over the next decade.

  1. Digital: 5 moves to make during a digital transformation

Surveyed executives confirm that digital transformations rarely achieve success. However, in those that do lie the structural elements that may help organisations overcome the odds.

  1. Website: Design trends in 2021

A stimulating and interactive look at web design trends likely to happen in 2021.

  1. Computing: What does it mean for the PC Market if Apple makes the fastest CPU?

Apple’s M1 isn’t going to revolutionize the market overnight, but if the chip delivers the improvements Apple promises and Intel or AMD can’t find a way to close the gap soon, things in the x86 universe could get ugly.

  1. UX: Lessons from Apple's Big Sur

Some interesting UX decisions that were taken at Apple with their latest major software release.

  1. Design: Don’t worry, these gangly-armed cartoons are here to protect you from big tech

You’ve seen this flat illustration style everywhere from Facebook to Google. Here’s why Alegria is taking over tech world interfaces.

  1. Marketing: 2020 practices that you should keep or adopt

There are plenty of things that should go, but the events of 2020 evoked some positive B2B marketing practices that should definitely stay.

  1. Content: How to edit your own writing

The secret to good writing is good editing, revisiting, and rewriting your content will take something that could be good and makes it good!

  1. Technology: Firefox stops working on progressive web app support

Mozilla has always championed the open web. So why is it abandoning desktop web apps?

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