Digital consultancy partner for Ireland's largest airport authority


Creating the Digital Backbone to Support 27 million passengers

Handling over 27 million passengers, daa is an airport management company employing over 3,000 people with a group turnover in excess of €680 million. The daa’s principal activities include the operation and management of Dublin and Cork airports and global airport retailing through its Aer Rianta International (ARI) subsidiary.

Arekibo has worked as the daa’s digital partner since 2010. From advising, designing and developing digital services to integrating and developing these services into enterprise and scalable technology platforms, we work in collaboration to enhance and grow the daa’s online presence.

Our role also extends to providing undisrupted 24/7 managed service support for both Dublin and Cork airports’ digital presence.

Our infrastructure and hosting team helped daa implement cloud managed services using the enterprise-grade cloud platform Azure. This replaced expensive hardware-based processes with more efficient and scalable services. We assisted daa in every phase of the project from the technical specification and cost analysis to planning, migration, delivery and support. The airport’s supporting infrastructure is monitored 24/7 to deliver an ‘always on’ service.

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Using Digital to deliver a great Passenger Experience

Passengers need to access to airport services in an efficient, real-time and informative manner, on any device, anytime.

Dublin and Cork airports’ websites are the virtual 24/7 customer information resource. We partner with the daa to ensure that their airport websites deliver a great passenger experience for business and leisure across all devices.

From accessing flight departure and arrival information to booking car parking, reserving a lounge, or understanding security criteria, the airports’ digital services need to be responsive and intuitive to deliver all passengers a seamless travelling experience.

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Digital Product Development delivering Recurring Revenue

One of our primary roles is to support the creation and development of new products and services to enhance and help the traveller experience.

Airport Club provides a range of tailor-made services, all combined to help business travellers access airport services for a single annual fee.  With a range of plans, the website delivers a seamless purchase path to allow the customer join and renew your annual membership. Since the launch of the new Dublin Airport site, the Airport Club site was seemlessly consolidated.

The online carpark booking service is a prerequisite for airport travel and at Dublin and Cork airport the experience that customers have booking needs to be streamlined and efficient. We support the daa to enhance and measure the booking process to ensure the traveller experience is optimised for all, all available through the Dublin and Cork airport websites.

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Enhanced Communications - Inside and Out

Catering for millions of passengers and thousands of staff, our joint collaboration in harnessing digital has transformed both external and internal communications.

iConnect, the daa’s communications intranet, was built in consultation with staff, many of whom are servicing customers across the airport. Together we created an online information resource with complementary tools that amplifies and extends the internal communications capabilities of the organisation.

We also provide research and advice on how the daa can harness new and emerging communications channels. The daa’s social media strategy has positioned the airport as one of the most innovative and progressive on the planet, resulting in Dublin Airport being rated Number 1 in Europe and one of the Top 10 social airports in the world.

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Analytics providing a 360 degree View of Each Digital Journey

Access to data and intelligence across an organisation's digital presence is fundamental to its business and commercial strategy. As the daa’s online reach expands, the suite of digital properties in use by the airports multiplies. With new websites, apps, retail and airport services and social media channels available to airports, we identified an opportunity for daa to harness the data created by each.

We have worked with daa to develop a unified analytics and data strategy to provide the business with a single view of the passenger digital journey, combining all channels to unite data into a centralised scalable service.

Harnessing the latest data and analytics tools, the entire traveller digital journey has been mapped, providing intelligent and live insights that accelerate to the communication, operations and commercial teams.

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