7 Interviews to spark your creativity


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Posted by Jennifer McCormack on August 05, 2021

7 Interviews to spark your creativity

Last year we couldn’t host any events or meet with our clients and partners in person. However, that did not hinder us from learning and growing together with them. Throughout the year and even the year previously, we used various opportunities to invite them for an interview and ask different questions related to digital content management, best practices, and trends. We have decided to feature top 7 most popular interviews in our today’s blog to get you inspired!

Organizations are under tremendous stress to use digital to create business advantage. From improving the customer experience, to better engaging employees, to optimizing partner relationships - if digital is applied correctly, it can be game changing. In this interview, Mark is talking about the challenge of getting the desired ROI from businesses’ investment in digital.

With an ambition to learn more about creating bespoke customer experience, we have interviewed Ronan Smith, Content & Insights Manager at Central Bank of Ireland. Find out what customer experience means to him and what he thinks the future of customer experience will be.

Customer Experience (CX) is very much an emerging field, and that it means different things to different people and it does overlap quite a bit with User Experience (UX). Fintan O'Byrne from Arekibo discussing challenges he sees organisations facing in CX and how Arekibo is looking to the future in terms of improving CX.

Global privacy regulations such as the GDPR, CCPA and ePrivacy, as well as updated guidelines from the DPC, ICO and CNIL will have a profound effect on marketing activities. Faced with the legal and financial ramifications of ignoring a consumer’s right to privacy, marketers must rethink their data collection, use, and retention methods. We invited Efrain Castaneda, Privacy Counsel at OneTrust to share more on the topic with us.

Here is a completely unique perspective. In the end of 2019, we talked to Liz Barron who owns Realize Coaching & Consulting about how thriving teams deliver value. “My vision for leaders and teams is that people can connect, communicate and collaborate more effectively.”

We are living in a customer-centric world where the decisions are made by the individual. These decisions are based on the information we receive from a vast number of sources. Shall I buy this pair of shoes? Shall I stay in that hotel? Shall we buy that house? Angel Tsvetkov, a Senior Product Owner for Progress Sitefinity has told us the difference between digital and physical customer interactions.

Finally, last year we also talked with we also got the chance to talk to Ger Perdisatt from Microsoft, who briefed us about a 360 perspective on digital investment. “In my experience, there tends to be a couple of things happening around digital ROI discussions. Firstly, we’ve got to acknowledge that customers are being bombarded with messages around embracing digital, having a digital strategy, being digital-first. Secondly...” - find out in the blog!

You can always find insightful blog about digital strategy, ux/ui and design, technology, analytics, cloud and more in our blog.

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