Re-engineering the Mater Private’s medical journey


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Posted by Jennifer McCormack on April 27, 2021

Re-engineering the Mater Private’s medical journey

We are delighted to announce that another project has been completed. In November last year, the campaign website for the Mater Private Network went live.

The Mater Private Day Hospital has re-engineered and re-imagined patients' medical journeys to make it more efficient by building two new day clinics. The consultation, testing, and diagnostic imaging is now happening within one day, at one location In just one visit.

To enable this innovative project, Mater Private needed a campaign website to support the digital advertising and marketing, used to promote the two new clinics where GPs could refer their patients to and where people could book an appointment themselves.

An interesting part for our team in this project was working on the key branding elements – the name and the brand colours. The new website had to be independent from the main Mater Private Network site, but at the same time it was important to show the connection between the Day Hospital to the main Mater Private. It took several team workshops and design mockups, and eventually both the name and all the other branding elements of the Day Hospital were agreed.

Teamwork and communication were crucial for this project. The internal daily stand-ups helped both teams to prioritize tasks, track progress and foresee any unplanned changes that would hinder the project delivery within the agreed timeline and the budget. As a result of tight collaboration between our and Mater Private Marketing Team, the new function-rich digital platform gave the client a lot of flexibility to easily manage and create new pages and add new content.

Check the Mater Private Day Hospital website today and contact us if you would like to recreate your digital presence or add new digital products to your site.

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