Design and development of intelligent data analytics platforms

Aon’s Centres for Innovation and Analytics are the cornerstone of Aon’s $350M global investment in analytics, delivering data-driven insights. The solutions developed by the ACIA offer AON’s global customers sophisticated and intelligent digital analytic products.

We collaborate with ACIA to devise, design and build new digital analytics products. Our collaboration is focused on how data can be delivered to customers to enhance their decision process, helping their teams to make smart and validated investment decisions.

We provide a range of services that include:

  • Working in partnership with the ACIA product team to develop the product using an agile methodology
  • Facilitation of workshops with senior stakeholders to determine and specify the business requirements
  • Continuous development of the product vision to meet stakeholders expectations
  • Consultation on the implementation and adoption of enterprise content management technology
  • Creation of user journeys and development of navigation and functional hierarchy
  • Prototyping of the interface and proposed functionality to validate the product strategy
  • Designing of the user interface and product visual identities
  • Development of the front-end technology and management of cross browser testing throughout
  • Resource augmentation to support the in-house ACIA team to accelerate their development agile process
  • Support of the ACIA team to create business cases for new product concepts
  • Consultation on the development of internal UX processes

AON - Design and development of intelligent data analytics platforms