Google Analytics

Google Analytics is potentially an invaluable asset to any organisation which can allow a company to understand how their digital properties perform.

It offers insights into how their customers interact with their websites / apps and how they can improve their digital presence. It can also assist in measuring business and marketing objectives and, even better, can assist in meeting business and marketing objectives.

At the same time, a situation that we see time and time again is that of new clients who have all but given up on their Google Analytics set-up. Like all web analytics tools, it can be overwhelming – clients find themselves with dozens of reports and dozens of different ways of viewing these reports as standard, endless segmentation possibilities, countless different sets of data in different reports.

The result is lots and lots of wasted time searching through reports for valuable nuggets of actionable data and an over-reliance on vanity metrics such as “page views” and “number of visits” to a site/app. In reality, we all know that these are not actionable KPI’s for most organisations – looking at pageviews and visits alone doesn’t dig deep enough. It doesn't reveal what users are doing on our websites.

As one of Ireland's leading Google Analytics consultants, we help organisations to customise their Google Analytics solutions so that they are tailored to specific business goals. We focus on setting measurable goals (conversions) that are aligned to real world business objectives. We focus on delivering insights on what type of traffic and marketing activities best meet these goals or conversions and what can be done to increase conversion rates.

At Arekibo, we offer the following services in relation to Google Analytics:
  • Strategy guidance and planning
  • Setup, implementation and support
  • Regular reporting, insights and recommendations
  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • Enhanced E-Commerce Analytics implementation
  • Account optimisation and personalisation
  • Custom event tracking
  • Account audits
  • Support and training
To discuss how we could help you to develop and implement a succesful Google Analytics strategy, contact us on 01-9052030 or Get In Touch.

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