Google Tag Manager

For many organisations, Google Analytics alone may not be enough to meet their tracking and reporting requirements.

In such cases, Google Tag Manager offers a means of tracking a wide range of user actions and behaviours, and integrating this with your Google Analytics reporting. Google Tag Manager is a centralised publishing platform, similar to a CMS that allows marketers to create or update analytics and advertising tags (codes) to their website or mobile app without the need to hardcode the codes to the template.

We advise all clients to utilise Google Tag Manager and then implement Google Analytics through their GTM container. This means, put simply, that marketing teams or other relevant individuals will be able to update and manage Google Analytics tags/codes (as well as other advertising and marketing tags) on their website without the need for a developer.

One key feature of GTM, in relation to web analytics, is the ability it offers to track (and share with Google Analytics) website interactions/activities which are not, by default, tracked by Google Analytics. These include:
  • Downloading a file
  • Viewing a video
  • Interacting with a widget
  • Log-ins
  • Sharing a post / article / video / image
  • Clicking a button
  • Scrolling down the page
At Arekibo, we offer the following services in relation to Google Tag Manager:
  • Consultation and tracking requirement identification
  • Setup and implementation
  • Ongoing maintenance and support
  • GTM training
To discuss how we could help you to make the most out of Google Tag Manager to track website objectives, contact us on 01-9052030 or Get In Touch.

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