Web Analytics Strategy

Today, organisations have access to more data than ever before. More and more devices and web properties have become capable of providing rich and detailed data.

The difficulty with this, however, is that it has become much more difficult to successfully and accurately combine and report on that data. This is where a web analytics strategy comes in. Many businesses and individuals fall into the trap of setting up their web analytics package(s) and expecting valuable, actionable insights to simply fall onto their lap (or into their inbox on a weekly basis).

When this transpires not to be the case, frustration kicks in and web analytics is abandoned, or at least unappreciated and underused. The core issue, however, is not the web analytics package or tools, but the lack of a guiding web analytics strategy. Web analytics can help you to understand what is happening on your web properties, understand customer behaviour and sources, measure marketing performance, and much more when used in the context of an overall, well-planned guiding strategy.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Without a guiding strategy, it can be easy to get lost in the enormous volumes of data provided by web analytics packages, and can be almost impossible to pick out the key insightful nuggets of information that can make a genuine difference for your business.

The number one issue we find, time and again, when auditing web analytics for new clients is a lack of customisation of web analytics reporting to suit their businesses own particular business requirements, goals or KPIs. Every single business is different, so why would we expect the same basic web analytics implementation and reports to work across the board?

At Arekibo, our web analytics team help you to identify what data is critical to your particular business strategy and goals and put in place solutions to track and report on those key metrics. We put in place a strategy which allows you to focus only on data relevant to your overall business strategy. This means filtering out the noise and freeing you from the frustration of trawling through countless data sets searching for those gems of information that are valuable to you.

Web Analytics Measurement Planning

Web Analytics Measurement Planning is a critical phase in the development of your analytics strategy. We work with key stakeholders to define core business objectives which we then map to analytics goals and define metrics and KPIs to measure success.

Web Analytics Implementation Planning

Once a measurement plan is in place, the next step is to deliver a web analytics environment that will allow you to reach your goals. We help you develop a roll-out plan for your analytics implementation whether it is to be undertaken  in-house, outsourced, or a combination of both.