Digital Transformation

What Is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is about using digital technology (e.g. websites, apps, portals, etc.) to transform the way one does business. In practice, it is about taking what you already know about your business – its goals, and what success means – and expressing that knowledge using a new vocabulary and new concepts.

What makes it transformational is that, done well, something new is created. It is not simply the old model and technology. Successful digital transformation involves understanding how a business strategy with digital integrated into its DNA is a better strategy. It will be stronger and more flexible. It will have considered, strategic aims and a means to achieve and measure them.

From a practical, day-to-day perspective, digital transformation is about gradual, collaborative change. This change takes place at all levels of the organisation. It requires constant communication, negotiation and embedding. For this reason, the best digital transformation strategies are not overly prescriptive, they are not over-engineered. Their role is to guide and focus, but not dictate.

Improving Customer Experience Through Digital Transformation

Ultimately, the end goal of digital transformation is to improve customer experience and retention.

Creating a seamless digital service gives you the ability to nurture a more personalised relationship with your customers who will be more willing to engage with your brand and more likely to return again and again.

At Arekibo, we work with clients, not just on tactical and short term digital projects, but on big-picture digital transformation with customer engagement at the core. This ensures that all technology investments add value to your business.

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