Sitefinity 14.0 release what to expect?


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Posted by Kyle Byrne on September 23, 2021

Sitefinity 14.0 release what to expect?

It’s time to say hello to an exciting new Sitefinity release!

Being Progress Sitefinity Gold partner agency for UKI, we have had the chance to explore the Sitefinity CMS 14.0 Beta. Our developers could review Sitefinity version 14.0 this July and August and try out the new features and capabilities prior to the official release this month.

In our blog today we are going to explore UI enhancements, superior low-code integration capabilities, NativeChat integration, and so many other noteworthy features.

Low-Code System integration

Integrating with multiple systems in the MarTech stack like a CRM or marketing automation is essential to efficient, successful digital delivery. The new Sitefinity 14.0 service hooks streamline such integrations by providing a wide range of hooks triggered upon specific internal events in Sitefinity, such as publishing or changing content, filling a form, or a user logging in. The hooks can call dedicated APIs and endpoints or connect to available middleware platforms such as Power Automate to help orchestrate actions involving multiple systems without heavy development.

Comprehensive headless content management

As a hybrid CMS, Sitefinity offers the best of both worlds – the ability to pull together pages in minutes using its drag and drop interface for the web presentation, as well as feed content via APIs to a custom web front end, or almost any application- a mobile app, SPA, an enterprise intranet, etc. Sitefinity's content APIs have been optimized and expanded, allowing you to have complete control over the entire experience. With Sitefinity 14.0, you can deliver targeted content to visitors on the channels that matter most to them with the enhanced page layout API, including personalisation functions. You can now easily achieve custom scenarios with an expanded API surface to allow exposure of any native APIs through custom OData endpoints, and scale multichannel delivery with improved overall performance.

Streamlined content synchronization via SiteSync

SiteSync is one of the most used unfavorite features by content editors because it makes content updating and publishing seamless. The updates included on Sitefinity 14.0 allow editors to unpublish, schedule, and delete single pieces of content or batches on a staging environment and sync it to the live environment - making it easy to treat content on the fly, safely and securely.

Simplified and lightweight authentication

By removing the dependency on IdentityServer3, Sitefinity’s new default authentication mechanism reduces complexity. It improves the performance of the login process for the end users, resulting in a shorter loading time for screens that require authentication.

Developers will welcome a more lightweight, structured solution that's easier to extend and maintain, and provides more integration opportunities with an identity provider of their choice.

Integrated Chat bot-driven experiences with NativeChat connectivity

Sitefinity customers can now easily incorporate Progress NativeChat into their web pages by using a new NativeChat widget. Develop your NativeChat chatbot to support self-service, automation and multichannel customer experiences and use Sitefinity’s no-code widget designer to configure the bot’s website appearance and drag/drop it to your web pages and templates.

We hope these features got you excited. Now, if you would you like to know how to use Sitefinity to get the most of your digital presence? Get in touch.

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Kyle Byrne
Kyle Byrne

Kyle is a senior developer at arekibo. He can code in a wide range of languages and frameworks but specialises in C# .net. He is certified in Advanced Sitefinity Development.