The ROI Challenge Interview With Liz Barron, Realize


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Posted by Jennifer McCormack on October 15, 2019

The ROI Challenge Interview With Liz Barron, Realize

Next up in our interviews with our speakers, we talk to Liz Barron who owns Realize Coaching & Consulting, and who chatted about how thriving teams deliver value at our "Digital Success: Meeting the ROI Challenge" event in November last year.

  1. Tell us about yourself..

I work as a Leadership & Team coach; I’ve been a professional coach for ten years but my background is in IT, software development, project and change management and consulting. My vision for leaders and teams is that people can connect, communicate and collaborate more effectively.

  1. Why is there so much interest in Digital ROI?

The scale and pace of change is astonishing – however, we can only truly consider technology to be innovative if it delivers value ; rather than being an expensive white elephant.

  1. What is challenging about getting a return on digital?

People are recognising the potential of technology to simplify our lives – but it also will be a massive transformation to how we work, and the skills we need to do that.
For many years we’ve been trying to measure the real costs and benefits of change, and many organisations struggle to do that.

We also need to ensure that leaders and teams can adapt to take advantage of the change – our social capital skills need to evolve to become even better at working on collaboration and innovation.

  1. Are there alternative ways of thinking about digital sucess?

It's still important to try to quantify the real costs and benefits – not just in terms of money, but positive or negative impacts on customers, staff, shareholders, brand, market, creating future capability. Can we measure engagement, morale, productivity, well-being, trust, creativity? Maybe not in quantifiable terms, but we can talk about the behaviours and evidence of what successful digital transformation looks like.

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