Top 3 hacks to make your content stand out


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Posted by Jennifer McCormack on July 08, 2021

Top 3 hacks to make your content stand out

Last week our partner Progress Sitefinity host their biggest event of the year – Global Digital Experience Summit 2021. It was a celebration of digital skills and achievements of Sitefinity clients and partners, where the attendees could expand their skills, engage with other Experience Makers, and be inspired to create exceptional experiences that drive business growth and customer loyalty.

This year we have taken an active role as speakers, and in an exciting 30 min session, Fergal McHugh, the Head of Strategy at Arekibo and Ronan Smith, Content and Insights Manager at Central Bank of Ireland, were talking about “Standing out from the crowd – creating engaging content for diverse audiences”.

If you have missed to attend the event but would love to get some insights into how to optimise your content on your website to serve wider audience groups - this blog is for you. We have collected the top 3 takeaways from Ronan’s session and are inviting you to watch the full recording at the bottom of this blog.

Takeaway 1: Understand your audience

From our interview with Ronan: “For me, customer experience is about delivering the right content, in the right way, to the right people at the right time. In developing our new website, we worked with Fergal and his colleagues at Arekibo to identify seven personas. The goals for our content vary depending on the audience. For example, a goal might be to help build understanding of our work amongst general or niche audiences, or to inform the public on issues that may affect them, such as financial scams.”

Takeaway 2: Select the right technology

From our interview with Ronan: “When I first began developing websites in the nineties, it was something of a closed market. Few people had the know-how to build sites, design and functionality were much simpler, “customer experience” wasn’t even a thing as such, and the internet was much more of a push vehicle for content.

The technology has evolved, and digital maturity has increased, but even today at Central Bank of Ireland we believe that digital capability is no use without engaging, relevant and timely content. Our approach for 2021 is to build on our existing user-centric, plain language strategy – with a further focus on visual content. Having selected the right technology meant we could now truly focus on content creation without worrying about it being undermined by a poor website or documents and pages that looked unprofessional.”

Takeaway 3: Experiment with various content formats, to deliver engaging experiences

From our interview with Ronan: “We have placed our people at the heart of our brand, creating greater understanding of our work, and building stronger engagement and listening capabilities via expanded use of social media, infographics, animated video series, story-telling, and more relatable content that became central to what we are aiming to achieve.”

We hope that you found these takeaways useful, and we invite you to learn more about the topic by watching the full session here:


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