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How did it all start?

It was 2002 and Arekibo was just starting out. We received a call from AOL. "We need some help to design a new product can you help us?". The project was to redesign the AOL.com product for a global audience. Our journey began and as our relationship evolved we worked on numerous products including AOL Mail, AOL Messenger and AOL Money. We have never looked back. Since then we have helped innovative companies and public organisations to create brilliant digital products and launch groundbreaking services into the market.

The core of our success has been our commitment to support our clients through a partnership model. This model is focused on helping our clients maximise the potential of digital by supporting their organisation and teams throughout their digital journey. Our commitment to partnership has helped us become Ireland’s largest independent digital agency and consultancy.

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Arekibo digital agency dublin - how did it all start

It's all about people

To ensure that we can truly support our clients in the evolution of their digital journey, we have a great team to support them.

Our team is 100% dedicated in helping our clients succeed. Our four service practice areas provide our clients with the intelligence, foresight and methodologies to plan, deliver and measure their investments across their digital presence. Our team represents the needs of your customers and this focus helps to guide, tailor and concentrate the delivery of your products and services into the market.

Our team’s investment in research and innovation and understanding sentiment and trends across the market globally, are all focused on providing value to our clients. Our team collaborate and partner with our clients to make their teams, and their products and services, successful using an array of digital technologies and techniques. We love digital, we love design, we love technology, we love data and we love the challenge of understating how together we can make your business more successful online and truly connect with your customers.

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Arekibo digital agency dublin - it's all about people

Investing in new digital talent – Arekibo Ventures

In 2011, we launched Arekibo Ventures, a seed fund to support emerging Irish businesses that are creating digital technology to build global brands.

We believe it’s important to support entrepreneurs with great ideas. We also have a exceptional team who have the experience to help these companies’ plan, design, build and market their products. Therefore investing in great teams with great businesses makes sense and really should be done to help Ireland create new global companies.

Our portfolio includes Newswhip, FunkedUp Fixies, Cohort, and PageFair.

We also believe that building our team with exceptional people is fundamental to our success and have acquired a number of peers that include Clearscape (2011), X Communications (2013) and KCO Digital (2015).

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Arekibo digital agency dublin - investing in new digital talent

Supporting the community

Since 2004, we have been helping charities and NGO’s pro bono to use digital to communicate, fundraise and build communities.

Each year, our team select an organisation, based on a personal experience or just the desire to help a particular organisation. We focus on where we can truly make an impact and accelerate these organisations’ ability to harness digital to reach and educate the public. We provide a suite of digital services and then train their teams to become independent, allowing them to build and promote their organisation using the tools and techniques we have created for them.

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Arekibo digital agency dublin - supporting the community

And the winner is...

We have been very fortunate that our work for our clients has won many awards over the past 20 years. Receiving industry recognition is a great by-product of our client collaboration, but has never been a motivation for our company.

We have never been driven by the latest bells and whistles, unless there is a very clear benefit to our customer. Our objective has alway been to help our clients use digital to realise their business strategy. As a result, we will continue to concentrate on finding intelligent solutions that deliver measurable results and value to our client’s business and their customers.

This focus has helped us attract great customers and where our collaboration is regularly recognised as best in class, the recognition belongs to our clients and their business.

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