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Customer First: Creating a Better Online Experience


Harnessing digital to maximise the customer experience

Electric Ireland are Ireland’s leading energy supplier. Servicing residential and business customers, Electric Ireland are focused on offering their customers affordable and innovative energy solutions.

Our relationship with Electric Ireland began at the launch of the brand in 2011 and since then we have been collaborating to enhance and develop their online presence. The Irish market is very competitive and customers and digital has a key role to play in customer acquisition and retention.

At the heart of our work is a collaboration with Electric Ireland focussed on identifying, planning and developing digital services and capabilities that will to help customers effectively  manage their consumption of electricity and gas services. The end goal is to build a true digital relationship that is transparent, intelligent and customer first.

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Using digital to engage new and existing customers

We led the creation of the new Electric Ireland website and Business and Residential Customer Service Portal. We embarked on a customer engagement strategy to understand and define how the website could best engage with customers, helping existing customers to access information and services, while also focusing on recruiting new customers to ‘switch to Electric Ireland’.

Through customer interviews and the development of customer personas we identified the characteristics of all customers. Our strategy and UX team then went to work to design the new information architecture and user journeys to ensure everyone had been considered and catered for.

Prototypes were created to validate and test the proposed navigation and information presentation. Through an iterative, highly collaborative process the proposed information architecture was completed to deliver an intuitive, universal and accessible solution.

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User experience across all devices, anytime anywhere

The availability of digital services on any device is now a prerequisite for any business. Electric Ireland has embraced the multi-device world and their commitment to delivering services to customers on mobile, desktop and tablet devices is built into to their digital strategy. Responsive design underpins the digital experience but each device requires careful consideration to deliver a seamless and efficient service to customers.

Our UX and technology team designed the interface, screen flows and digital identity for Electric Ireland’s online presence. The design process explored how the presentation of information and services could be developed to deliver an accessible and intuitive service design solution and was validated throughout in our user-testing lab.

The Electric Ireland website was awarded the prestigious Universal Design Award at the 2015 Irish Internet Awards, recognised by the National Disability Authority and the Centre for Excellence in Universal Design for the outstanding best in class winner for universal and accessible design.

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Enterprise content management solution

The ability for an organisation to manage their digital presence independent of agencies or internal IT is critical for your business, marketing and communication ambitions.

Our strategy and technology team advised and supported Electric Ireland to assess and select an enterprise class content management system (CMS). The CMS we supplied underpins their digital presence and provides their team with a scalable platform enabling them to execute their digital strategy.

We worked in collaboration with Electric Ireland’s business and information technology teams to deploy and develop the new online presence upon the Sitefinity CMS platform. The new CMS platform provides Electric Ireland with a suite of tools to manage and grow their digital presence.

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Optimising The Customer Journey Using Analytics

Electric Ireland’s ability to plan and deliver new and enhanced digital services are now informed by data.

We delivered an analytics strategy to enable Electric Ireland to measure and understand how their customers use their digital services. A core objective was to harness data to improve and optimise the user experience. Electric Ireland can now measure all interactions, events and transactions across all business and residential customers.

In addition to tracking and analysing the customer journey, Electric Ireland’s analytics strategy also provided the organisation with new business cases and opportunities to provide more value to their customers.

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