What is the Sitecore Experience Platform?

Sitecore is the integrated platform that empowers your business to collect and combine data, act on insights, and connect with customers through intelligent, personalized experiences across any channel.

The Sitecore Experience Platform (XP), empowers your team by providing a complete suite of digital marketing tools, that are combined with a holistic view of customer data and machine learning-generated insights that deliver a highly effective, intelligent and personalised experience to your customers across the globe.

The Sitecore Experience Platform delivers four powerful capabilities:

  • Scalable content management: From small digital footprints to global, enterprise-scale deployments spanning hundreds of sites, Sitecore XP provides comprehensive frameworks and features to effectively manage all your content with ease.
  • Rich data, smart insights: Sitecore XP allows you to collect and connect real-time customer data and interactions from omnichannel engagement, campaigns, and third-party systems. Sitecore AI, an add on service, is a powerful way to automate much of the personalization process.
  • Versatile and personalized digital marketing: Whether used as a full digital marketing platform or integrated with other complementary best-of breed solutions, Sitecore XP offers marketers and developers the freedom, flexibility, and speed to simply and effectively engage customers with personalized experiences.
  • Omnichannel delivery and intelligence: Sitecore XP delivers personalized experiences across the channels of today and tomorrow, from social, web, and mobile to point-of-sale, kiosks, IoT, AR, VR, and mixed reality. It also facilitates headless development and the tracking of engagements across headless applications.

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