Digital has enabled educational institutions to compete on a global stage.

Their ability to recruit students is now being extended through intelligent and personalised websites, sophisticated digital marketing campaigns and coordinated social media activities. Equally, digital plays an important role in enhancing and consolidating interaction with staff, students and both educational and commercial partners.

There is no doubt that reputation, rankings and heritage are major benchmarks for students but as education institutions evolve and the opportunities to recruit globally increase, the necessity to harness digital to deliver services directly to students and their faculty will become their number one priority.

The initial rush to be online has led to an uncoordinated and unstructured approach across many education institutions. The results have produced an array of mismatched websites and supporting digital products.

As business, communications and information technology functions seek to unite behind a centralised digital strategy, there is now a coordinated and concerted effort to create a seamless and unified digital experience for students and faculty.

We help education institutions to design the next generation of their digital presence to create a true digital campus. From the creation of a pragmatic and sustainable digital strategy right through to the systematic rollout of new products, our team work in partnership with your administrative, faculty and students to deliver intuitive and scalable digital services.

What kind of digital assets do education institutions invest in?

  • Digital strategy services ranging from the creation of a localised strategies through to comprehensive visions for a digital campus
  • Student Life Cycle Management products and experiences
  • Flagship websites for the institution as a whole
  • Content strategy and support to develop new communications and marketing material
  • Websites for individual Schools, Departments, Administrative Units
  • Student and Researcher recruitment campaigns
  • Digital assets and websites for Research Projects
  • Event and conference websites and supporting marketing campaigns
  • Best practice training on analytics, social media and website development

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