Digital has transformed the healthcare industry’s ability to deliver services to patients, healthcare professionals and partners.

We help healthcare companies to create products that connect and provide intelligent services to their target audiences.  We partner with your team to develop the business case and supporting requirements for your digital initiatives. Our role is to represent the needs of your target customers and by doing so we ensure that your products are created specifically to their needs.

We support your team throughout the journey, consulting with patients, healthcare professionals and your internal teams to craft intuitive, focused and tailored digital experiences that provide value and make a difference.

We advise multinationals, new healthcare enterprises and public institutions to design, build and manage their digital products, helping them to target, connect and deliver intelligent services and associated products directly to their customers.

What kind of digital services do healthcare organisations invest in?

  • Engagement strategies that harness digital to educate and improve the well-being of patients and their families
  • Consultancy and support to develop business cases and strategy for digital initiatives
  • Bespoke mobile and tablet apps to support clinical trials and on-going patient support
  • Community websites which educate, communicate and build one on one relationships with patients and healthcare professionals
  • Intelligent analytics and measurement tactics to understand behaviour and success of digital
  • Internal training programs to educate and mentor staff in planning and managing digital
  • Focus groups and patient consultation to assess the viability and suitability of new digital initiatives 

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