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Digital will continue to transform the relationship between government, business and citizen. It provides the platforms and service delivery opportunities to streamline how we interface with, access and consume public services. As a result our appetite to access smart and real-time services will continue to fuel the investment in digital across the public sector.

These opportunities also create significant challenges that can stifle and delay momentum and ultimately deliver poor digital experiences. The reality is that, in many cases, public service organisations have to cater to for a wide audience and as such the delivery of digital services is multidimensional and complex.

We help governments and public bodies to create sustainable and effective digital products that deliver smart, simple and accessible services to business, citizens and public servants.We understand the challenges and risks and our experience has given us a unique insight into the operational, business and political aspects of delivering digital projects.

We have proven methodologies and techniques to help public bodies plan, design and deliver digital services and our track record has enabled us to deliver significant projects across the public sector since 2002.

What kind of digital services does the Public Sector invest in?

  • Consultancy and support to develop business cases and strategy for digital
  • Designing accessible and intuitive website to disseminate information and deliver services to the citizen
  • Content and information management solutions to enable staff to internally manage websites and digital channels
  • Training programs to educate and mentor staff to manage their digital presence
  • Digital campaigns to educate and communicate to the public
  • Creation of tailored mobile apps to deliver enhanced digital experience to public and stakeholders
  • Building of internal digital services and capabilities to engage staff and support collaboration
  • Intelligent analytics solutions to measure behaviour and success of digital investment
  • Secure and scalable managed hosting services to deliver a seamless and uninterrupted suite of services
  • Support services to maintain and enhance digital services.

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