Delivering a new information architecture strategy for Revenue

The Office of the Revenue Commissioners core business is the assessment and collection of taxes and duties in Ireland.

We were commissioned by Revenue to define a new information and content architecture for the website. The project required extensive stakeholder participation to define a new content development strategy and site management process to ensure the website’s future growth would be carefully controlled.

The project had two key objectives. As the Revenue’s online presence is primarily a communication and information resource, the new online presence would have to be intuitive and accessible to allow anyone to quickly find relevant content.

Secondly, the growth of their online presence required an online operational model that would educate and support the various Departments to plan, audit and manage the development of content.

This model delivered a website and content management process underpinned by a customer first information architecture that would allow the Revenue to manage and grow their online presence in a controlled and scalable manner.

Delivering a new information architecture strategy for Revenue