Know Your Arekibian: Liam


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Posted by Gallen Leung on November 18, 2021

Know Your Arekibian: Liam

Next up on our Know Your Arekibian series is Liam Cahill, who joined our team in August. Liam loves to exercise and has a keen interest in American politics. 

      1. ​What was your journey to Arekibo? 
      My journey started as a journalist, then I moved into managing digital projects                    including websites and mobile apps for over 200 Credit Unions in Ireland and the              UK.  


  1. Three things you have learned during your time in Arekibo? 
    1. Time is money! It’s incredibly important to be on top of timeframes. 
    2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. 
    3. And finally, put your hand up if you need assistance.  
  1. One thing you can’t work without? 
     My LoFi Spotify playlists.  

  1. Favourite thing about your job? 
      The amazing team we have here in Arekibo.  

  1. One thing most people don’t know about you? 
      I’m quite the fan of American politics.  

  1. One skill you’ve gained since joining Arekibo? 

  1. Apple or Android? Why? 
      Absolutely Apple. In terms of functionality and usability Apple reigns supreme.  

  1. Personal motto? 

      Be so great at what you do, so people can never question you. 

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