SETI #10: OpenAI, Lego, Deadly Food, Covid Troller


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Posted by Jennifer McCormack on October 15, 2020

SETI #10: OpenAI, Lego, Deadly Food, Covid Troller

In our last SETI, we focused on ghost kitchens, Mr Product and the fake commute. Our tenth SETI includes OpenAI, a famous Covid troller and the deadly food we eat.

  1. Watch: The deadly food we all eat

How palm oil is produced harms people, the air we breathe and wildlife but it is in a large quantity of the foods we buy.

  1. Advice: Things I stole from people smarter than me

Ryan Holiday gives a list of 33 of his favourite pieces of wisdom he’s received to mark his 33rd birthday.

  1. UX: 10 reflections of designing a design system

10 hot takes on what can make or break a design system and the team behind it.

  1. Lego: CEO discusses digital journey

Despite the leaps in technology, Lego’s digital transformation is at a relatively early stage and is a 10-year journey.

  1. OpenAI: Text generator is now commercial

A research institute created to compete with tech giants on superhuman AI is now challenging them in the more mundane arena of selling cloud services to businesses.

  1. Trolling: Notorious Covid troller works for Dr. Fauci's Agency

An insight into cartoon characters created for products or services.

  1. A long-term battle: The tech industry's role in combatting climate change

Climate change is no longer just a conversation among environmental activists. Technology companies are getting involved too with many joining the fight.

  1. Covid 19: The riskiest activities

The riskiest activities to avoid according to 500+ epidemiologists and health professionals.

  1. WFH: Another day not at the office

Will working from home be 2020’s most radical change?

  1. Can you believe this?


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