SETI #11: Among Us, Productivity Hacks, Google Play


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Posted by Alina Sidbrant on October 29, 2020

SETI #11: Among Us, Productivity Hacks, Google Play

In our last SETI, we focused on OpenAI, a famous Covid troller and the deadly food we eat. Our eleventh SETI includes Desigual virtual store, Apple apology and daily productivity hacks.

  1. Learn: Media product fundamentals

How to identify a problem, how to investigate causes, form a hypothesis, understand the real task at hand and more - all 8 weeks of it, presentations, topics - is right here for your use.

  1. Innovation: How the digital camera transformed our concept of history

1.4 trillion digital photographs that we collectively take per year help adjust overall historical narrative.

  1. Google Play: Crackdown in app billing

Google announces crackdown on in-app billing, aimed at Netflix and Spotify. Google gives developers one year to stop ignoring its in-app billing rules.

  1. Marketing: Targeted or contextual advertising?

Behavioral ad targeting is not paying off for publishers, study suggests.

  1. The future of retail: Desigual opens virtual store in Tokyo

The latest technology allows visits Desigual store in Ginza, Tokyo, without leaving home. Thanks to an interactive journey you can virtually discover the new collection and details of the brand, while getting prizes.

  1. UX: Re-evaluate your frontend architecture

A process to break the chains of old, and usher in an age of less complexity, greater consensus, and a more functional technical stack.

  1. Technology: Apple issues apology to Wordpress

Apple has backed down in its latest developer fight, apologizing to WordPress after it pressured the website builder to add in-app payments.

  1. Covid 19: Google exposure notifications to fight Covid19

Using technology to help public health authorities fight COVID‑19.

  1. WFH: Top 3 daily productivity hacks

To-do lists are dead. Use these 3 daily hacks to stick to your priorities and get more done.

  1. Among Us: US senator playing popular game

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez playing Among Us, the popular game involving back-stabbing and sabotage is an indication of how big the game has become.

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